Address:  300 N. Cascade Avenue, Montrose, CO 81401
Phone:  970.252.6220  (available 24 hours a day)
Hours:  24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year

The Crisis Walk-In Center, centrally located in Montrose, provides urgent behavioral healthcare for our six-county region on the Western Slope. We work closely with hospitals, therapists, emergency services, and law enforcement to get people the urgent help they need in the most appropriate setting. The Crisis Walk-In Center can be an alternative to a hospital emergency room or even jail for someone who needs urgent mental health or substance use treatment.

Staffed with certified mental health professionals, this location offers a convenient, local resource for urgent behavioral healthcare services.

CMH Crisis Walk-in Center in Montrose

On-site services include:

Walk-In Clinic for anyone of any age experiencing a mental health crisis. Staffed with Master’s-Level clinicians and mental health technicians, anyone can walk in anytime to access in-person mental health support during a crisis. No appointment needed.

Crisis Stabilization Unit for those aged 12 and older who may need short-term, 24/7 care. An alternative to hospital care, our highly-skilled providers offer crisis assessments, group and individual therapy, peer support, psychiatry and medication management, and coordination of ongoing treatment. We offer stays of up to 5 days and provide care close-to-home.

24-hour non-medical detox services for those 12 years and older who are intoxicated, in withdrawal, or at risk for withdrawal symptoms. As a short-term facility, we do not offer rehabilitation treatment but provide a safe, convenient alternative to hospital detox when appropriate.

If you or someone you love is struggling with a behavioral health crisis, please walk in and our staff will see you quickly and confidentially.

Clients may come to the Crisis Walk-In Center with a family member or friend for support. We know this support is critical. Once someone’s needs have been assessed by our staff, they will be assigned to a care team or unit, as necessary.


If it is determined that someone needs to stay overnight in our Crisis Stabilization Unit, visitors are typically allowed for one hour a day. Staff can advise on the best time for your loved one. On occasion, the treatment team may discourage visitors depending on the needs of the client. Please note, a stay in our Crisis Stabilization Unit is limited to 5 days.

If someone has been admitted for withdrawal management or detox services, visitors are not allowed due to the short duration of these stays.

Please call 970.252.6220 if you have specific questions.