Crisis Walk-In Center- Now Open

Address:  300 N. Cascade Avenue, Montrose, CO 81401
Phone number(s): 970.252.6220 (avail 24 hours a day)
Hours:  24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year

The Crisis Walk-In Center provides immediate access to mental health care and substance abuse emergency services close to home in Montrose, CO.

The new Crisis Walk-In Center, which is in partnership with Colorado Crisis Services, includes these services:


A Walk-In Mental Health Clinic which offers easy access to mental healthcare for people of all ages who are in crisis. No appointment or insurance needed. CMH’s system of care gets people the care they need when they need it. This decreases the unnecessary use of hospital emergency departments, jails, prisons, or other settings not clinically appropriate for behavioral health emergencies. The Walk-In Clinic offers a variety of effective ways to support clients throughout a crisis episode, including transitional services that ensure a safe return to the community and continued support.

A Crisis Stabilization Unit which provides short-term (3-5 days) bed-based stabilization to individuals aged 12 and older who are experiencing a severe behavioral health crisis. Crisis assessments, group and individual therapy, psycho-education, psychiatric and medication management, peer support, case management, and discharge planning are all provided. Clients are connected with ongoing treatment to help prevent relapse. Clients may be either voluntary or cooperatively involuntary and can remain safe in a secured unit.

Withdrawal Management which provides 24-hour non-hospital detox in a safe environment staffed by substance use disorder professionals. The program serves individuals who are intoxicated, in withdrawal, or at risk for withdrawal, and who are appropriate for a non-hospital model of detox.

Off-site Emergency Evaluations are provided to clients who present in hospital emergency rooms (Delta, Montrose, and Gunnison) with symptoms of grave disability or imminent danger to self or others. CWC staff will coordinate with hospital personnel for referral to another facility if the evaluation indicates a need for further treatment.

Off-site Emergency Peer Transport services provide local, secure transportation for individuals placed on a 72-hour mental health hold to the CWC or other treatment facility. The primary purpose of this program is to partner with law enforcement to reduce their involvement in providing mental health transports.