Services for Adults, Families, & Children

Individual Therapy for All Ages

Individual therapy allows the client an opportunity to explore and resolve personal problems in a one-to-one setting. The approach is usually intensive, brief, solutions-focused, with short-term goals, decision making, or reducing the effects of a symptom. Outcomes are based on measurable goals.

Group Therapy

Group therapy allows clients to share their personal and interpersonal problems in a group setting where feedback can be given and received among group members. Through this process, clients have the opportunity to develop support systems, rehearse new ways to interact with others, and recognize the impact of their behavior on themselves and others.

Family Therapy

Our family services help families cope with the challenges of emotional disturbances and mental illness within members of the family.  Our family therapy services provide direct and meaningful contact within the family on a regular basis, and helps with family conflicts. 


Our psychiatric staff conduct psychiatric evaluations to assess a person’s need for medications. These services are available for prescriptions, medication adjustment, and monitoring. In addition clients are educated in proper medication usage, intended benefits and adverse effects of medications, and on the importance of consistency in taking medications to control the symptoms of mental illness.

Substance Use Services

The substance use program is designed to treat adults with substance abuse problems, with a focus on education and therapy around substance abuse issues, life skills training, and relationship issues. Substance use services, including individual therapy, group therapy, case management, and DUI Level II education and therapy are available.

Care Management

Care management services are provided to help clients access other community support systems and to coordinate treatment services.