May is Mental Health Awareness Month

It is well known that to keep physically fit you must work on your diet and exercise regularlyIf that’s true for your body, wouldn’t the same thing be true of your mind as well?  Read Our Blog! Learn About All the Tools to Thrive.  

Get Involved

May is Mental Health Awareness Month—and The Center for Mental Health is asking you to get involved and take on the challenge of doing one thing, each day— designed to keep your mind, and your mental health, fit. Using these tools allows you to focus on your mental fitness and helps you create the path to your best life. 

Each day in May, The Center for Mental Health will provide another tool or tip to keep your mental fitness front of mind– Print out our calendar, share on social media, ask a friend to join in. 

Share your experience on social media! Tag us on social and use the hashtags  #MentalHealthMatters or #Tools2Thrive  

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Whether you are dealing with a life challenge,
a mental illness, or want to help a loved one,
we provide Help, Hope, and Healing
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Tools For Mental Fitness

Self Screening

Feeling stressed or anxious? You are not alone. Take our anonymous self-screening test online today to determine if you would benefit from mental health services.

My Strength

MyStrength is an app that allows you 24/7 access to content that supports you and your well-being. Find inspiration for mindfulness, strategies for self-care and communication, and hundreds of activities to keep you mentally strong.

Community Classes

The Center for Mental Health provides regular classes, many of them monthly, to help you–and our communities as a whole– learn how to assist when confronted with a mental health crisis. Learn how to help.