Our Annual Friendraiser Event — 2021 Date to be Announced

The Center for Mental Health is a local nonprofit providing behavioral healthcare services to the residents of Delta, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Montrose, Ouray, and San Miguel counties. Each year we host our annual “Friendraiser” to bring awareness of mental health to our communities and to honor local Behavioral Health Champions who have made significant accomplishments in behavioral health in our communities.

We invite you to join us for a fun evening with live music, great food, casual conversation, and celebration of our Behavioral Health Champions and their incredible accomplishments in our communities.

Friendraiser 2020

In 2020 we were unable to host our lively, in-person celebration, but we still wanted to recognize these incredible Behavioral Health Champions.

July 30th is International Friendship Day, and it’s a perfect day to kick off this virtual recognition.

These individuals exemplify what it means to be a Behavioral Health Champion through advocacy, outreach, personal experiences, and their own recovery. Together they share the heart and passion it takes to make a difference in the mental well-being and health of our communities. Please take a moment to learn more about them and their valuable contributions to our communities.

Please join me and the rest of The Center for Mental Health in celebrating and congratulating these amazing individuals. Together, we will continue our work connecting one another and improving the mental health of our communities.

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Shelly J. Spalding, Chief Executive Officer
The Center for Mental Health

Our Friendraiser 2020 Behavioral Health Champions

Regional Behavioral Health Champions

Paul Uhl, Crested Butte

Paul lost his son Kyle Uhl to completed suicide in Crested Butte, Colorado on Sunday, October 21, 2018. Kyle was 27 years old. Paul decided to act and established Trek for Life, an inaugural event in honor of Kyle, to raise awareness and stimulate a dialog about suicide and suicide prevention, and to reduce the stigma surrounding behavioral health. 100% of the proceeds from the event go into a restricted fund to provide behavioral health services for anyone uninsured or under-insured seeking services at The Center for Mental Health Crested Butte location. In 2019 the event raised more than $16,000 and helped 18 individuals receive services. Planning has begun to expand the 2nd annual 2020 Trek for Life event which will include the commemorative hike on West Maroon trail (September 11) as well as a second family bike oriented event, Pedal Your Butte Off, in Crested Butte (September 12).

Paul was the keynote speaker at our Crested Butte clinic opening in June of 2019, has appeared on KBUT radio numerous times, participated in a cover page story in the Gunnison Country Times, and has touched countless lives with his promotion of behavioral health services. Please visit www.trekforlife.net for additional information and to support those in your community.

Cheryl Oeltjenbruns, Delta

Cheryl is a founding member of the Abraham Connection Homeless Shelter. Through tireless efforts and community support, she was able to raise enough money to build a new facility that was so desperately needed. Located at 480 Silver Street in Delta, Colorado, the Abraham Connection Homeless Shelter provides an overnight emergency shelter housing 32 beds for men, women, and families who are homeless in our Delta and surrounding communities.

Cheryl continues to raise awareness of the challenges our homeless population faces, and often fills in as a volunteer proving to be an integral part of continuing this invaluable service to our community. Cheryl partners with The Center for Mental Health as a valuable referral source and truly cares about helping members of this community, especially those struggling with behavioral health concerns. Please visit www.deltaabrahamconnection.org for additional information about the Abraham Connection Homeless Shelter.

Staff/Volunteer Behavioral Health Champion

Angela Bean, Montrose

Angela Bean is the Program Manager of Justice Based Services at The Center for Mental Health. She handles all justice-based program measures and outcomes in our six-county region as well as organizes and facilitates meetings with law enforcement, courts, probation, attorneys, and other stakeholders. Angela always ensures that our clients get their needs met, staying late, following up, meeting the client wherever they are, and doing whatever needs to be done. Angela’s heart for our mission is present in her every interaction. She consistently advocates for those who are most vulnerable and in need.  

Angela went outside of her current role to go above and beyond this past holiday season ensuring families served by The Center had a nice holiday and didn’t go without. Initiating our first Holiday Project, Angela spearheaded every effort and spent many hours approaching a variety of local businesses for donations of gift cards, coats, toothbrushes, meals, stocking-stuffers, bowling passes, water bottles, and more. Once she collected the items and wrapped all of them up, she organized gift delivery to over 100 clients and families. These families’ holiday season would have been without if not for Angela’s passion and dedication for helping those not as fortunate in our communities.

Lived Experience Behavioral Health Champions

Dave Husby, Montrose

Dave exemplifies what a lived experience honoree should represent.  He has gone above and beyond to volunteer his time, energy, and finances to provide our communities with more than what they had before he came around. He lives every day by setting an example of recovery and support through his many openly shared stories of personal and familial struggles.

He has volunteered with the Suicide Prevention Task Force raising almost $20,000 at the second annual Butterfly Ball fundraiser in 2019. He has hosted families through our Holiday Project, while also providing free advertising for the project on the radio stations. He firmly and passionately believes in mental health services and our communities’ needs for these services, and has provided us, alongside his team, with generous discounts for radio promotion, as well as event promotion. He goes out of his way for our communities and organization, using his lived experience as motivation and direction for his efforts.  

Majacemeno Gallegos, Delta

Majacemeno is a client of The Center for Mental Health and has done well in treatment having been sober for almost one year from numerous substances including methamphetamines and heroin. He exemplifies what true recovery is through his story, his spirit, and his leadership in groups and with peers. He has been a leader in the Enhanced Outpatient class by being open and transparent with his addiction and encouraging others to keep on track. He understands how addiction can take over someone’s life, how you lose your family and friends by using, and promotes that knowledge so others can learn from his lived experience.

Majacemeno has found love, and his fiance, Emily, are expecting their first baby in early 2021. He is a motivator for many clients, community members, and The Center for Mental Health staff, and a true Lived Experience Behavioral Health Champion.

2019 Behavioral Health Champions

Behavioral Health Champions

Joe Conway, Norwood

John Bockrath, Norwood

Behavioral Health Champion

Heather Darbe, Montrose

Lived Experience
Behavioral Health Champions

Rana Shaner, Montrose

Scott Chalfant, Montrose