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Why am I so angry?

Coping with anger during COVID-19 I was already frustrated as I looked around to see the dishes left on the kitchen, the papers scattered everywhere, and my children attached to…
Kim Floyde
April 14, 2020
CMH Blog

Managing Anxiety with COVID-19

These days, it seems impossible to go anywhere, listen to anything, or watch any shows without hearing about the COVID-19 outbreak. Though I wasn’t particularly concerned about this virus at…
Kim Floyde
March 20, 2020
Couple having conversationCMH Blog

Substance Use: A Closer Look

Understanding Substance Use – A Closer Look  Why do we use substances such as alcohol and drugs? Drugs flood the brain with feel-good chemicals and turn off the parts of…
Kim Floyde
March 2, 2020
People participating in group therapyCMH Blog

Substance Use Disorder 101

What is substance use disorder? Substance use happens when we use things like alcohol, marijuana, or other drugs to help us cope with something in our lives.  When that use…
Kim Floyde
February 28, 2020
Group of teenagersCMH Blog

Welcome to Rainbow Space

Welcome to Rainbow Space: A Safe, Supportive Place for LGBTQ+ Youth in Montrose So, you’ve been hearing around town about this Rainbow Space, but you find yourself thinking, “What in…
Kim Floyde
February 20, 2020
Mom soldier embracing little girlCMH Blog

Moral Injury

The daughter of a U.S. Marine veteran didn’t understand why her father kept hiding his Honorable Discharge in a drawer. “He earned it on Guadalcanal” she said. “He’s a hero.”…
Kim Floyde
November 4, 2019
CMH Blog

Hindered – A Poem

Hindered The sky was layered in a thick blanket of billowing mass. The world surrounding was concealed in a lonely blackness. The moon, saddened by its silencing. Utter darkness. Not…
December 14, 2017
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5 Facts Every Resilient Person Knows

Resilience, or our capacity to withstand painful and disruptive life experiences (and even catastrophes), is taking on more importance than ever in the uncertain world we live in today. Surviving…
November 30, 2017
AnxietyCMH Blog

Changing Colors

As supple greens turn to mesmerizing golds, the changing of colors and seasons can also bring a change in people’s moods and emotions. Some look forward to autumn and welcome…
October 9, 2017