Our Crisis Walk-In Center in Montrose provides life-saving urgent behavioral healthcare for our six-county region.  No appointment is necessary, we are open 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and we serve everyone, regardless of their ability to pay.

Since we opened our doors on September 16, 2019, we have treated over 1000 clients in crisis, ranging in ages 12 to 90. However, there has been no safe place for those in crisis to experience the healing power of the outdoors. Clients sometimes stay with us for up to five days, and the lack of connection to nature is challenging. Research has shown that time outside helps people’s mood and self-esteem, especially for those with mental health issues.

Currently, The Walk-In Center’s outdoor space has cracked concrete, is drab and uninviting, and is not secure, so it is unusable by clients in crisis.

With your donations, we’ll make this space:

  • Inviting for people who need the calming effects of bird song, fresh air, and blue skies.
  • Self-contained so young or suicidal clients can’t leave without officially being released into safe care.
  • A pleasant place where a family can connect with their loved one who is at The Center.
  • A place for physical activity with a basketball hoop or other exercise installation.